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Website Design

Get the Best Website Designed for Your Organization which is User Centric and Effective.

Google Ad-words:

It is a Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising facility offered by Google to both text and banner ads. Through Google Ad words, advertising can be dispersed to local, national & international customers. Since, Google search in an automatic in its direction based on the keywords inserted by the user, Ad designers can tailor the Google search based on such keywords to their website. With the help of Ad-words you will easily know about the number of people who has seen your ads, visited your website. Ad-words will help you target at specific audience.


Remarketing facilitates people to know about the relevant ads, who have visited the website but have not found anything to suit their requirement.

The potential benefits of remarketing for us:

  • Remarketing is the vital component of advertisement as it plays impressive role in arena of sales activity, increment in registrations or promotion of awareness of the brand.
  • Connectivity to the people who are on the verge of buying a product: This is assisted by Adwords remarketing by letting such people know about the website in their busy hours.
  • Customizing the advertising heads: Adwords remarketing can be used to design the website in a manner to ease out purchase process by adding suitable tools, for example, tool that allows a customer to save a product to review a product etc.
  • Accessible creation of ad: Remarketing lets the design of ads by infusing texts, image, videos etc, providing a serene touch to the buying material.

Google Banner Ads:

Banner ads imply to those ads that are loaded with image and appear in the side, top and bottom sections of a website. They vary to a high degree in the terms of image size, design and function. They're essentially seen in news-based websites, blogs and specialized web communities. Ad spaces of many websites can be taken via ad-exchanges such as Google's Display Network or, they can also be accessed in a manner similar to that on a newspaper. Banner ads can or cannot be animated. These ads are a great source of income on internet for many websites.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions:

Gmail Sponsored Promotions refer to the ads that are visible in user's Gmail inbox. They are wisely constructed to look like an email.

Cost of GSP:

  • The charge is based on the Cost-per-click of an Ad. Payment has to be done only for the first click on the Ad. No charge is accrued when the user goes through the respective website.

Site of GSP appearance:

  • GSPs can appear on both mobiles and desktops, difference being that mobiles allow only one ad spot, and desktops allow for two. However, GSPs are reachable only to the free Gmail accounts, and not in Gmail accounts for business domain.

Significance of GSPs:

  • They are highly suitable for spreading awareness in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, they allow a genuine user to visit the concerned website, as the user has to go through two clicks before landing on the website. They are much focused on the product which is being advertised, besides being accurate in providing easy overview of the product to the user.

Shop on Google:

Shopping ads contain text, images, features and information related to utility and cost of the product or service and they are featured on Google.

The distinctive feature of shopping campaigns and ads are:

  • They provide easy search material to the user and are also effective in gathering only the genuinely interested customer. Since whole of the product is briefly described, they prevent confusion arising out of keywords.

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